Rival 2 Kid


Salming Rival 2 Kid, the perfect entry-level indoor shoe that combines comfort, durability, and value. With a reliable and versatile design, this shoe is built to function in multiple activities, making it an excellent investment for any player. The well-cushioned EVA midsole and durable Hexagrip outsole provide excellent grip and support while the breathable mesh and synthetic leather skeleton provide midfoot support and durability. Soft foam padding ensures a comfortable fit during play, making the Rival 2 Kid the perfect choice for any indoor sport.

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Black, White


19.5cm/UK12.5C/US13C, 20.5cm/UK13.5C/US1.0Y, 21.0cm/UK1.0/US1.5Y, 22.0cm/UK2.0/US2.5Y, 22.5cm/UK3.5/US5.5, 23.0cm/UK4.0/US6.0, 23.5cm/UK4.5/US6.5