Recoil Ultra Mid Men


Salming Recoil Ultra Mid is the best mid-cut shoe for the players who are looking for stability to support their power moves. The aggressive wrapping of the midsole and outsole provide a supportive platform while the upper is reinforced in the high wear areas. Energetic and bouncy Recoil+ midsole foam provides more comfort and cushioning. Strong mesh, which is reinforced with TPU film in combination with a fit sleeve complete premium comfort to your feet.

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25.5cm/UK6.5/US7.5, 26.0cm/UK7.0/US8.0, 26.5cm/UK7.5/US8.5, 27.0cm/UK8.0/US9.0, 27.5cm/UK8.5/US9.5, 28.0cm/UK9.0/US10.0, 28.5cm/UK9.5/US10.5, 29.0cm/UK10.0/US11.0, 29.5cm/UK10.5/US11.5, 30.0cm/UK11.0/US12.0, 30.5cm/UK11.5/US12.5, 31.0cm/UK12.0/US13.0, 31.5cm/UK12.5/US13.5, 32.0cm/UK13.0/US14.0