Perfect sharpness for your eyes!

Innovative collaboration for better sports results: Oxdog & YouZee launches unique optical sports eyewear for floorball and padel.

Training and competing in tough and intense ball sports with eyesight problems can be challenging. For those who do not use lenses, the solution is either to not see perfectly or to use regular glasses, which might become misty, sit poorly and don’t provide any real protection.

The Swedish companies Oxdog and YouZee have solved the problem together, and are now launching Oxdog Spectrum Eyewear with YouZee optical inserts – a new generation of optical sports eyewear that corrects vision defects. Oxdog Spectrum with optical inserts combines YouZee’s innovative and safe clip-in technology for eyewear with Oxdog’s experience of product development of floorball and padel equipment.

Oxdog Spectrum Eyewear has adjustable nose piece, temple piece and elastic strap makes Spectrum fit for juniors and seniors. Breathable holes and anti-fog treatment on lenses keeps your vision clear. The optical insert is manufactured with correct glasses after the user’s personal prescription – for perfect vision and comfort.

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