Q-Series Carbon Pro TwentyOne Icon Edt F29

Q-Series Carbon Pro: Twenty One Icons Edition – dressed in black carbon fiber with sophisticated gold details. This new edition is decorated with a cool smiley logo at the end cap, giving it a unique and distinctive look. But what really sets this edition apart is its contribution to a larger initiative, Salming By Heart. The TwentyOne Icons edition is more than just a floorball stick. It shows our commitment to supporting the community and giving back in the spirit of Börje Salming. With every purchase of the Twenty One Icons Edition, 21% of the sale goes to various charitable organizations. In this way, you combine your love for the game with the opportunity to contribute to a good cause. With Twenty One Icons Edition, every move on the court becomes more than just a game; it becomes part of a larger vision to create a better world for everyone. So why settle for a stick that only meets your needs on the court when you can support a good cause and play in style!

Color: Black / Yellow

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